Mercurio D. RiveraMercurio D. Rivera

World Fantasy Award-nominated writer Mercurio D. Rivera’s stories have appeared or are forthcoming in markets including ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION & FACT, ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION, LIGHTSPEED, INTERZONE, BLACK STATIC, NATURE, ABYSS & APEX and anthologies such as THE YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION, VOL. 5, edited by Neil Clarke, YEAR’S BEST SF 34, edited by Gardner Dozois, YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION 17, edited by Hartwell & Cramer, UNPLUGGED: THE WEB’S BEST SF AND FANTASY, edited by Rich Horton, SOLARIS RISING 2, edited by Ian Whates, OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE, edited by John Joseph Adams, PARADOX: STORIES INSPIRED BY THE FERMI PARADOX, and CRISES AND CONFLICTS, edited by Ian Whates. called his collection ACROSS THE EVEN HORIZON (Newcon Press), “weird and wonderful,” with “dizzying switchbacks,”  “a revelation” with “twists followed by more twists heightening a powerful sense of alienation and menace.”  Learn more about Across the Event Horizon here.

Ten of his stories have been podcast at Escape Pod, StarshipSofa, Transmissions From Beyond, Beam Me Up and Kaleidocast.  StarshipSofa devoted a two-part installment to his stories.  To access these various podcasts, click here. Across the Event Horizon by Mercurio D. Rivera

He started his career with frequent contributions to acclaimed British magazine INTERZONE (issue ##204, 214, 219, 226, 227, 235, 236, and 262). His story of heartbreak and unrequited love, “Longing for Langalana” was voted winner of Interzone‘s annual readers’ poll.

His tales “Longing for Langalana” and “Tethered” (both about the Wergens, aliens biochemically attracted to human beings) and “Dance of the Kawkawroons” have been taught in lit courses and writing workshops at (i) San Francisco University, (ii) Columbia College Chicago, (iii) the New School (NYC) and (iv) the Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas, respectively.

His Lightspeed story “Those Brighter Stars” appeared in the late Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best SF 34 anthology.  Eleven other of his stories garnered “Honorable Mentions” in other volumes of that anthology.

Many of his stories have been translated and published in China, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain.

Mercurio is a long-time member of the highly regarded Manhattan writing group Altered Fluid.

 Recent Stories:

“The Four Spider-Societies of Proxima Centauri 33g” – ANALOG  SCIENCE FICTION AND FACT (forthcoming)

“Filaments” – ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION (forthcoming in Sept./Oct. 2021)

“Beyond the Tattered Veil of Stars” – ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION (Mar./Apr. 2020) selected for THE YEAR’S TOP HARD SCIENCE FICTION STORIES 5, edited by Allan Kaster (forthcoming in 2021)

“In the Stillness Between the Stars” – ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION (Sept./Oct 2019) selected for THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION OF THE YEAR, Vol 5, edited by Neil Clarke (2020)

“The Walk to Distant Suns” – co-written with Matthew Kressel – ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION & FACT (March/April 2019)

“The Sun, the Sea, the Heart” – DEEP SIGNAL: AN ILLUSTRATED ANTHOLOGY OF SCIENCE FICTION, edited by Eric Olive

“Those Brighter Stars” – LIGHTSPEED (Aug 2016) selected for YEAR’S BEST SF 34, edited by Gardner Dozois (2017)

Tu Sufrimiento Shall Protect Us” — BLACK STATIC #18 – Nominated for the 2011 World Fantasy Award – Free download here

SF Signal writes:  “[T]he story is elegantly written, beautifully atmospheric and filled with some wonderful local colour. “Tu Sufrimiento Shall Protect Us” is not only the strongest story in the issue, it is also one of the most atmospheric, disturbing and thought-provoking short stories I have ever encountered. If Rivera’s work does not get picked up by one of the Year’s Best anthologies then there really is no justice in the world.”


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Across the Event Horizon

Across the Event Horizon by Mercurio D. RiveraAcross the Event Horizon contains the very best of Mercurio’s work to date; fourteen stories selected by the author himself, including “Langalana” and “Tu Sufrimiento”. Learn more »

Other Worlds Than These

Other Worlds Than These by John Joseph AdamsMercurio D. Rivera’s story, “Dear Annabehls” is now out in the anthology Other Worlds Than These. Compiled by acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams, never before have the best parallel world stories and portal fantasies been collected in a single volume—until now. More info »

Year’s Best SF 17

Year's Best SF 17Mercurio D. Rivera’s “Tethered” appears in Year’s Best SF 17. Acclaimed, award-winning editors and anthologists David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer demonstrate the amazing depth and power of contemporary speculative fiction, showcasing astonishing stories from some of the genre’s most respected names as well as exciting new writers to watch. Prepare to travel light years from the ordinary into a tomorrow at once breathtaking, frightening, and possible. More info »

Holodeck Writer’s Workshop

Mercurio D. Rivera taught at the Holodeck Writer’s Workshop alongside Sheila Williams, James Patrick Kelly, Michael Swanwick and Gregory Frost. If you wish to raise your fiction, narration or art skills to the next level, this workshop is for you. More info »